WordPress WP e-commerce Category Importer Bug Fixes

wordpress shopping cart This client came to me to fix bugs on his WordPress shopping cart website using WP e-commerce. He had about 1,000 products to import and had purchased a category importer plugin to import all of the products. Products were importing successfully, but the parent child relationship for the categories was very buggy. Products were getting assigned to multiple incorrect categories, and display in the admin tool was not showing the category and subcategory relationship. I managed to fix the display issues in the edit product tool, but had recommended that the client have the developer fix the importer bugs since it was a paid plugin.

The client was on a tight deadline at this point, and the bug was not getting fixed. As a quick solution, I created an admin tool to be able to fix the data. Products were output in groups of 100, showing the product, and all of the assigned categories. Manually reviewing each product, the client could then click on all incorrect categories and remove them with one submit, instead of having to edit each product individually. This saved the client many hours of work and was able to meet his deadline to release the website.