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WordPress Development

I have been working as a WordPress Programmer for over 10 years, working on hundreds of different website projects. Many web designers contact me to with their layered .psd design and then I build them a fully functional custom WordPress website that loads fast, and is hardened and secured against vulnerabilities that WordPress has "out of the box". I provide ongoing WordPress support to clients to keep WordPress code up to date and secure too.

I am often hired as WordPress programmer "white label" so I do not show full WordPress website exmaples to show in my portfolio. On the right though, I show many examples of custom WordPress development that I have completed to show you examples of my WordPress programming experience.

If you are looking for a small brochure website that you can edit the pages by your self, or you are looking to build a large scale project with things like member registrations, online stores or product catalogs, I can build it for you.

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Fixed: WordPress Too Many Redirects

I am often hired as a PHP programmer to repair WordPress installations.  Frequently, it’s fixing a hacked website infected with malware. Sometimes is code or configuration problems. Today I was hired to fix a problem with the WordPress admin. The client said they were seeing “Too many redirects” error when trying to login to the […]

Added WordPress Popup Window into Web Pages

I built a WordPress blog with restricted access to content for a client. Part of the blog content shows on the page, but you have to register as a website user in order to have full access to content.  WP-Members plugin was used to handle the registration process.  I customized this process so once a […]

Redesign a WordPress Theme

A web designer contacted me to help redesign a WordPress theme on a short deadline. A new custom theme would have been an ideal solution to be able to convert it pixel perfect format to the design files, but with the deadline we decided to update the current theme. I explained that because we were […]

Move WordPress Site to New Domain

Moving a WordPress site to a new domain and host should be a simple thing to do. If you understand what needs to be done, it is pretty simple. If you don’t, it can be a bit of nightmare. I move WordPress websites almost on a daily basis. Sometimes clients contact me because they are […]

Moved WordPress to HTTPS

When I was hired for this project, I moved WordPress to https. The client purchased and installed a SSL certificate and then need help getting WordPress moved over to https. I took care of getting WordPress admin secured and then all pages on the front end of the website where also changed over to a […]

WordPress WP e-commerce Category Importer Bug Fixes

This client came to me to fix bugs on his WordPress shopping cart website using WP e-commerce. He had about 1,000 products to import and had purchased a category importer plugin to import all of the products. Products were importing successfully, but the parent child relationship for the categories was very buggy. Products were getting […]