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I code websites

As a PHP programmer, I am a web programmer, not a web designer. I get involved in a website project once a design has been created and it is ready to be coded. I do not create what a website looks like, but work along side a graphic designer to transform their idea by programming it into functional website.

web programming

Web Programming

What You Don't See

  • Writes website code using technologies like HTML/CSS, PHP, ASP, JavaScript
  • Understands and uses relational databases to build web applications
  • Understands website security and implements these practices when building web applications.
  • Skills in problem solving to be able to debug code issues.
web design

Web Design

What You See

  • Proficient with graphic design software to build what the website will look like.
  • Communication with the client to create the look, feel and layout of the website.
  • Understands and implements concepts like user friendly design, responsive layouts and basic SEO into the website design
  • Communication with a web programmer to effectively produce the website.