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With thousands of hours logged in the field of website development, I have worked in many industries building custom websites along with modifying and customizing open source applications like

Many of the PHP development projects I have coded are for smaller PHP jobs where the client needs me to modify a script or add new functionality to existing code. They don’t justify adding them as a full project on my web developer portfolio, but I showcase them here to give you an idea of the type and volume of work I have done.

If you need a freelance PHP programmer, feel free to contact me to discuss your web programming needs.

PHP Registration Form and Login Form

Registration Form in PHP and MySQL I was hired to build a custom PHP website from scratch for a member website. Membership is free but you have to register with a username and password. Geographic statistical analysis will be done on the user data eventually, so country, state and city

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Pizza Order Form with PayPal Payments

A client of mine requested I build a PHP form on their website for pizza orders with PayPal payments. Their site is a WordPress website so I used  Gravity Forms to build it. I was able to easily add in eCommerce features to their website with the following logic. A

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Add FTP Users with cPanel API & PHP

Create FTP users with cPanel API and PHP. I built a custom web application that requires users to be able to FTP a data-feed onto the web server at regular intervals for code to then import and process the data.  One of the project requirements was to automate creating an

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Added WordPress Popup Window into Web Pages

I built a WordPress blog with restricted access to content for a client. Part of the blog content shows on the page, but you have to register as a website user in order to have full access to content.  WP-Members plugin was used to handle the registration process.  I customized

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Redesign a WordPress Theme

A web designer contacted me to help redesign a WordPress theme on a short deadline. A new custom theme would have been an ideal solution to be able to convert it pixel perfect format to the design files, but with the deadline we decided to update the current theme. I

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Move WordPress Site to New Domain

Moving a WordPress site to a new domain and host should be a simple thing to do. If you understand what needs to be done, it is pretty simple. If you don’t, it can be a bit of nightmare. I move WordPress websites almost on a daily basis. Sometimes clients

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Moved WordPress to HTTPS

When I was hired for this project, I moved WordPress to https. The client purchased and installed a SSL certificate and then need help getting WordPress moved over to https. I took care of getting WordPress admin secured and then all pages on the front end of the website where

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Random Image Script on Website

I coded a random image script to load images randomly each time the page was requested. My client has a coupon website that needs to have coupon images changed on a regular basis. Each time the page loads, the coupons needed to be loaded in a random order to not

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Integrate MLS into Real Estate Website

A graphic designer hired me because he needed a PHP Programmer to code the back end of  a real estate website project.  I was hired white label to do the following. I custom coded a solution to integrate Garden State MLS data into the client’s real estate website. I wrote

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Password Protected Website

My customer needed a password protected website to be able to protect website data and track users that came to the site. A script was written to import lists of users and unique access codes. The website was built from the ground up to do the following. When the user

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Optimized MySQL database and Queries

This website account was suspended due to using too much system resources through database queries. I reviewed and optimized the Mysql database by deleting hundreds of thousands of old records, adding indexes and optimizing tables. I reviewed the code and optimized queries to better address how the client was using

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Website Register and Login to Access Files

This client needed a user registration system for users to be able to log in to access secured files for download. An admin tool was created for the client to manually approve users to gain access to a control panel. Once a user successfully logged in, they could then download

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Custom CMS to Update Images

This web project consisted of creating a custom CMS to enable the client to upload charts and graphs on a monthly basis. The site was coded from psd to html and then logic was added for them to be able to upload and replace images when needed. A password protected

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Custom Construction Company Project Manager Software

This commercial construction company needed a web based solution to be able to share files with subcontractors during the project bidding process. A collection of password protected tools were programmed to enable the client to create projects and upload files into folders. Subcontractors could then log in to view and

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Google Custom Image Search

Using Google Custom Search API, I created a search engine for images to display. Code retrieved a set of “safe” images to display. Logic was added to prevent “broken images” due to hot linking restrictions to display.

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Banner Ad Manager Software Installation

This client needed a simple solution for managing banner ads on his website. I installed ,set up, configured and customized banner ad software to accommodate his needs. Code enabled him to define areas of the page to display ads. Code tracks impressions and click throughs. Code also allows you to

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Custom PHP Registration Form

I coded a custom PHP project management application for a commercial construction company. Subcontractors can gain access projects  to view documents and photos, RFIs and other information. Subcontractors can only access projects once they have been invited to view it. This worked out fine for subcontractors that are already in

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Custom PHP Job Manager Tool

The client hired me as a freelance PHP programmer to build a custom PHP tool so he could manage job listings on his website. I built a simple PHP application with the following functionality: Back end password protected area to manage jobs from the web browser. Functionality to create, edit

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