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working remotely as a PHP programmer

Tips for Winning Freelance PHP Jobs

As a PHP freelancer, I think the hardest part of getting started freelancing is finding freelance jobs. Knowing where to look, and then the approach to take to get hired for the job takes some practice.

A great resource I use to find freelance PHP jobs is Last time I checked they had over 850 PHP jobs listed. I have a sample below of the newest jobs posted.

Transitioning to freelance programming takes patience and discipline- stick with it and you will be successful!

Tips for new freelancers…

  • When bidding, be professional! Use proper grammar, and give examples of work you have done that relates to the project.
  • When starting out, bid on small jobs so you can quickly build your feedback.
  • Work hard to build glowing positive feedback. This is how a provider will judge you.
  • Make sure you understand the project requirements before placing a bid.
  • Keep your commitment! If you say it will be programmed in a week. Get it done in a week.
  • Create a personal website to show off your web portfolio if you don’t have one yet. If you don’t have any web projects to display yet, create some demo projects so you have something to show.

On, you bid against other freelancers for a job.
The buyer then evaluates all of the bids and awards the freelance job to a bidder.

Make a Good Impression!

With that said, make sure you give your best impression when submitting your bid.

  • Only include examples of projects you have done that are relevant to the project you are bidding on.
  • Be professional in how you present yourself.
  • Mention your positive feedback you have acquired, showing you are dependable and talented.

I hope these tips help you get started winning some freelance job bids. Good Luck!