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a bit about me and my programming services

Professional and Dedicated Web Developer

I love working as a freelancer helping people and companies build their websites.

PHP Programmer

As a PHP Programmer, I focus on the back end programming of a website project. By this, I mean most of the work I do makes a website function, but you cant really “see it”. I am a web programmer, not a web designer.

For example, when you submit a form, I code the logic to validate the data and then process it by emailing it to someone or insert into a database.

I support web designers that focus on the front end development (how the website looks) and need PHP programming and MySQL database development integrated into their website design to build a functional website.

Web Developer

Hi, my name is Adrienne. I have been building websites since the late 1990's, mostly working remotely from home developing PHP and database driven MySQL websites.

I am based in Virginia Beach, VA USA and work independently. I do not outsource PHP programming, when you hire me,  you communicate directly with me and I do all of the work.

Hire a Freelancer

When you hire a freelancer working remotely, a big challenge is communication. With most correspondence over email, its really important to clearly detail the work that needs done.

Once I have a definition of the job to be done, I will provide you with an estimate to build your website, send you a contract and invoice for deposit. I accept credit card payments, Paypal and checks. Depending on the size of the project milestone payments may be requested, or full payment at the delivery of the job.

Request a PHP programming quote.

Client Recommendations

Adrienne is definitely the best of the best, she worked around the clock to get my website up and her professionalism and skills were greatly shown. I will definitely go to no other programmer other than Adrienne.