Move WordPress Site to New Domain

Moving a WordPress site to a new domain and host should be a simple thing to do. If you understand what needs to be done, it is pretty simple. If you don’t, it can be a bit of nightmare. I move WordPress websites almost on a daily basis. Sometimes clients contact me because they are leaving one web hosting company and moving to another one. Other times I need to make a copy of a WordPress site in order to develop new changes on it. Sometimes just the domain name is being changed.


Ways to Move WordPress

  • Manually download all files and database and then upload to the new web host.
  • Create a full backup of the web hosting account and restore it on the new host.
  • Use a WordPress plugin like Duplicator or BackupBuddy to migrate to a new domain and/or host.

If you are changing the domain name, moving WordPress code and database are just part of the process. The domain name is stored in multiple places throughout the database and needs to be manually updated to the new domain. Using a migrate plugin will take care of this for you.  Using a plugin I find to be the easiest approach. If the site is large though, running into server timeouts while generating the backup can become an issue.

If you moving your entire web hosting account to a new host and the domain name will stay the same, the easiest approach is to generate a full account backup (if using Cpanel ). Then the new host will restore your full account. (including email and any other addon domains, or software installations, and/or code directories.


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