Custom Job Application Form

PHP job application formI was hired as a freelancer to build a custom PHP job application form for users to submit applications online. The client needed the a online HTML form to look as close as possible to the paper version of the job application so it could be printed. The HTML form created was similar to their paper job application form. The form was processed with PHP on a secure server. Upon submission, the form data was inserted into a MySQL database and email notification of a new application submitted was sent to my client.

Applications were submitted from this one form for multiple cities. Based on the location chosen by the person applying for a job, different staff would receive email notification of the job application, prompting them to log into an admin tools to securely view the application data.

Password protected admin tools were coded to view the submitted form data. Over time many features have been added to this online job application form.

  • Multiple staff users can access the admin tools. Staff can only see applications submitted for their location.
  • Ability to view all details of each job submission
  • Ability to add notes about the application
  • Ability to flag the job application once it was processed.
  • Option to view all forms that had or had not been processed
  • Filter by locations
  • A database maintenance script was written. It runs once a week to clean out old applications because the database had grown so large.

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