Cleaned Virus and Secured WordPress Website

WordPress programmingI get contacted a couple times a week from clients whose WordPress website has been infected with a virus. The infected website code is cleaned and then the WordPress installation is fully secured. After securing a WordPress website, I seldom get a call back from the client about the website being reinfected. If this does happen, its usually because WordPress core code or installed plugins have not been updated when new versions are released.  Ongoing WordPress updates are an important part of keeping your website secure. Contact me if you would like me to do a website security check.


3 Basic Things You Can Do To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure.

  1.  Keep WordPress core code and plugins and themes up to date.
  2. Install a plugin to make/save regular backups. If you do get hacked, you can quickly restore to a clean version.
  3. Delete plugins that are inactive or you no longer use. Delete any themes that you do not use.


Email me if you are interested in WordPress maintenance service.