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Hire a PHP freelancer to get expertise and technical support to build the back end of your dynamic, database driven website.

As a start-up business, I can’t afford an in-house programmer, so I looked for a freelancer. I needed my website to high quality, and I wanted a programmer who could finish the job on time and on budget. Adrienne not only did that, but was also more like a partner—a great communicator who makes outstanding recommendations on how best to achieve my goals.

– TOM A.

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What I can do for you

I work remotely as a PHP freelancer. This means I am hired as a contractor to do a specific task related to web programming, database development or technical support on your website.

New Website Development
I build new PHP websites and add new features and programming to existing PHP websites. I can build just about any type of website from a simple small business informational website, to custom PHP CMS and ecommerce websites.

Modify and Upgrade Existing Websites
I am available for website maintenance like securing your WordPress installation, updating WordPress core code and plugins, or adding new functionality to your custom coded website.

Website Support to Fix Problems
Debugging website errors simply takes experience. I can solve just about any type of website error from PHP fatal code errors, page speed loading errors, SSL errors, not mobile-friendly errors, hacked websites and website virus infections.

Back-end Development Services


Tech Support

who are my clients?

Most of my clients are small business owners, individuals  and marketing companies along with other freelancers like web designers, graphic designers and SEO consultants that do not have technical expertise in house to address the web programming side of a project.

Individuals with new start up ideas often need custom applications to meet the project requirements. I provide consulting services from start to finish.

Freelance web designers focus on the front end, I partner with them (white label) to provide web programming services so they can offer more services to their clients.

Small business owners don’t have a technical team in house. I am a resource for all levels of website support from PHP programming, hosting, management & SEO.

I’ve formed long term relationships with small marketing companies. They outsource programming to me when they need extra help with work loads and technical expertise. 

Why Hire A Freelancer?


I worked with hundreds of companies in the 20+ years of my career within the field of web application development.


As a small business owner, my success lies on making my customers happy. Keeping commitments and being trustworthy are keys to my success.

Outsource Expertise

Outsourcing PHP programming to get your website coded correctly by an experienced web developer makes sense.

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