Need a

I am a back-end programmer, providing custom website development services using PHP and MySQL.

Dependable Resource

As a PHP freelancer, most of my work comes from small companies like web designers, graphic design, marketing companies and also individuals. Outsourcing website programming to get your project completed by an experienced web developer makes sense.

Professional Service

I want happy customers. I will work on your project until it is completed to our agreed upon specifications. I am always available for ongoing support after a project is finished. Contact me to get a website development quote on your PHP project.

Lots of Experience

I have built hundreds of custom PHP applications over the 19+ years I have been in this industry.  I also work with open source applications such as WordPress, online shopping cart websites like OpenCart .  Review examples of custom PHP programming projects.

What I do...

I am a freelance programmer, which means I am hired as a contractor to do specific work on your website project. Most small to mid size website projects do not need a full time (or even an ongoing part time) programmer. Hire me when you need me, and call me back later if you need more work done.

I Fix Website Problems

Debugging website errors simply takes experience. I can solve just about any type of website error from PHP fatal code errors, page speed loading errors, SSL errors, not mobile-friendly errors, hacked websites and website virus infections.

I Add New Features to Websites

I am available for website maintenance like securing your WordPress installation, updating WordPress core code and plugins, or adding new functionality to your custom coded website.

I Build Website Applications

I build "from the ground up" website applications - I can custom build your website using PHP & MySQL or start with open source code like WordPress. Depending on your project requirements I will make an appropriate recommendation.


Recent PHP Programming Projects

Below are recent examples of website projects I have worked on using PHP & MySQL databases.

Contact Form Not Working

I regularly debug and fix issues with a clients contact form not working.  Sometimes its an easy fix, sometimes it takes some digging to find the problem. There are many reasons why you contact form may not be sending email. If you would like me to debug your contact form, please contact me.

Cleaned Virus and Secured WordPress Website

I get contacted a couple times a week from clients whose WordPress website has been infected with a virus. The infected website code is cleaned and then the WordPress installation is fully secured. After securing a WordPress website, I seldom get a call back from the client about the website being reinfected. If this does […]

Failed Website Login Attempts

This customer requested new programming logic be added to the website login form to block and lock out users with failed login attempts.  PHP code was added to track multiple attempts. If 5 attempted logins failed within 5 minutes, the user is locked out for a period of time. If usernames entered did not exist,the […]

Client Recommendations

As a start-up business, I can’t afford an in-house programmer, so I looked for a freelancer. I needed my website to high quality, and I wanted a programmer who could finish the job on time and on budget. Adrienne not only did that, but was also more like a partner—a great communicator who makes outstanding recommendations on how best to achieve my goals. I couldn’t be happier with the final product and the process of getting there. I will have many website updates as my business grows and I plan to hire Adrienne again., Tom Anstead